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18 - 19

PERSPECTIVES ON (UN-)EMPLOYMENT 15th interdisciplinary Ph.D. Workshop

  • Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Regensburger Strasse 104 D-90478 Nuremberg, Germany

Aims and Topics
The IAB’s Graduate School (GradAB) and the FAU invites young researchers to its 15th interdisci-plinary Ph.D. workshop “Perspectives on (Un-)Employment”. The workshop provides an oppor-tunity for graduate students to present their ongoing work in the field of theoretical and empiri-cal labor market research and receive feedback from leading scholars in the discipline. We seek papers that cover any one of the following topics:

  •  Labor supply, labor demand and unemployment
  •  Evaluation of labor market institutions and policies
  •  Education, qualification and job task
  •  Inequality, poverty and discrimination
  •  Gender and family
  •  Migration and international labor markets
  •  Health and job satisfaction
  • Technological change and digitization
  • The impact of climate change on the labor market
  • Applications of machine learning and big data in labor market research
  • Survey methodology (in labor market research)
  •  Data quality (in labor market research)
  • Innovative data collection methods