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Research Data Center German Microdata Lab (GML) at GESIS

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Research based services for researchers working with microdata from European and German official statistics: Tools for data management and data analysis. Metadata (MISSY): Comprehensive data documentation for official microdata on a detailed level. Knowledge transfer: Consulting, Training, User Conferences. On research using official microdata on methodological and substantive topics. Established 1987.
  • Status: Accredited
  • Data Offer: Social, Education, Other

Available data

Research-based service on the following microdata

European microdata: European Union Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS), European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC), European Health Interview Survey (EHIS); European Adult Education Survey (AES), Structure of Earnings Survey (SES)

Microcensus: Basic files as of 1973, GESIS-Files (1962-1969), Panel (1996-1999 und 2001- 2004), Regional file (2000), Microcensus Supplementary Survey “Occupational and Social Shifts of the Population”, April 1971

Further microdata: [no English translation provided] Mikrodaten der amtlichen Statistik der DDR (Erhebung zur Inanspruchnahme kultureller und sozialer Leistungen in Arbeiter- und Angestelltenhaushalten (1988), Einkommensstichprobe in Arbeiter- und Angestelltenhaushalten (1988), Statistik des Haushaltsbudgets (1988/89), Volks- und Berufszählung 1970 (Westdeutschland) mit Ergänzungsfragen, Historische Arbeitsstätten- und Berufszählungen (1875-1970)