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Research Data Center (FDZ) of the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement (IQB)


For more than 20 years, Germany has been building up an extensive collection of data within the framework of international and national school performance studies (e.g. PISA, IGLU, IQB Trends in Student Achievement), which enables systematic analyses of framework conditions, processes and outcomes in the education system. This potential can only be fully exploited if researchers from different disciplines have access to the data. To make this possible, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) established the Research Data Centre (FDZ at the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement (IQB) in 2007.

  • Status: Accredited
  • Data Offer: Social, Education, Psychology, Other

About the Data Centre

Researchers may gain access to the datasets after successful application.

Since 2011, the FDZ at the IQB has been part of the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB).

Details of which studies are available at the FDZ and how to submit an application, along with further information, can be found on the website of the FDZ at IQB.

The FDZ at IQB is certified with the Core Trust Seal (https://www.coretrustseal.org/why-certification/certified-repositories) for trustworthy repositories. The FDZ at IQB’s self-assessment together with the comments by the reviewers can be found here (https://www.coretrustseal.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/The-Research-Data-Centre-FDZ-at-The-Institute-for-Educational-Quality-Improvement-IQB.pdf). Further information on the certification can be found here.

The FDZ at IQB is one of the project partners forming the Verbund Forschungsdaten Bildung (VerbundFDB), which aims to establish the technological, organizational and legal infrastructure in order to

  • secure research data from empirical educational research in a protected environment
  • offer these research data and tools in a legally compliant manner
  • provide information about the research data and instruments at a central location
  • qualify and train researchers on data management issues

The FDZ at IQB can also be found on re3data.org

Our collection guideline of the FDZ at IQB can be found here

Available Data (as of 15/11/2021)

You can apply to the FDZ at IQB for access to the following data sets for re- and secondary analyses, among others

  • representative school achievement studies, such as DESI, ELEMENT, IGLU, IQB National Assessment Studies and IQB Trends in Student Achievement, PISA, TIMSS
  • studies on specific aspects of competence acquisition, e.g. BiSpra, BiSS-EILe, FUnDuS, KuL, LISA, MoMa, Stereotype Threat
  • studies on teacher education, e.g. BilWiss, ProFeL, ProLeLe, proPHI, ProwiN, Systemdenken
  • studies on special educational needs, such as BiLieF, IQB Trends in Student Achievement, LABEL
  • studies on early childhood education, e.g. BiKS, PHONO, SEIKA
  • studies on vocational education and training, e.g. studies of the ASCOT network (CoBALIT, CoSMed, DomPL-IK, TEMA)
  • studies on all-day schools, such as Aufmerksamkeit, StEG
  • studies with focus on Berlin, e.g. BELLA, ELEMENT, LABEL

You can find a constantly updated overview of the FDZ data offer here.



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