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Research Data Centre Ruhr at the RWI – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (Ruhr at the RWI)

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The Research Data Centre Ruhr at the RWI makes various datasets collected by the RWI available to external researchers. Person-related data, regional and firm-level data are available. The data are available in form of de facto anonymised scientific use files (for anonymized data) or as an on-site guest researcher. By establishing the FDZ-Ruhr, the RWI aims at meeting the recommendations put forward by the "Commission on the Improvement of the Informational Infrastructure between Research and Statistics" (KVI), thus supporting empirical research in economics and social sciences on a national, but also on a regional level.

  • Status: Accredited
  • Data Offer: Economy, Health, Other, Social
  • External Data Ingest: Yes

About the Data Centre

The data provision of the FDZ Ruhr focuses on geo-referenced or small-scale data. These are socio-economic information on the level of 1x1km² grids for Germany (RWI-GEO-GRID) and geo-referenced supply data for real estate (RWI-GEO-RED). The data allow, for example, the analysis of small-scale developments within cities or regions. In addition, the data provided can be used to analyze very precisely the effects of small-scale delimited measures. The data provided can also be linked to other data sets. The FDZ Ruhr also offers service activities in the context of geocoding.

Within the scope of service activities, the FDZ Ruhr georeferences data or creates conversion routines that standardize different area statuses. Furthermore, the provision of access, consulting of (potential) users as well as the documentation of data sets are the main tasks of the service activities of the FDZ Ruhr.

In addition to the small-scale regional data, the data stock of the FDZ Ruhr includes individual and household data that were collected within the framework of research projects at RWI or by cooperation partners. All datasets are anonymized as needed and, if possible, made available as scientific use files for direct processing at the researcher’s institution. In individual cases, weakly anonymized data can be analyzed in the data security room in Essen. Individual data sets are also usable as Campus File or Public Use File of. Data is shared via cloud system. The employees advise (potential) users on the selection and use of the data sets.

Available data (selection)

  • RWI-GEO-GRID: Socio-economic information at the level of 1×1 km² grids as a panel since 2005.
  •  RWI-GEO-RED: Data on real estate advertisements of the online platform ImmobilienScout24. The data set contains geo-referenced information on the advertised objects for the areas “apartment” and “house” as well as “purchase” and “rent”.
  •  RWI-GEO-REDX: Price indices based on information from RWI-GEO-RED on annual price development at the level of municipal associations, counties and labor market regions.
  •  RWI-GRECS, Green-SÖP: Panel surveys on energy consumption and adaptation behavior to climate change and environmental and energy policy measures of private households in Germany.
  •  SVR Integration Barometer: Representative population surveys among people with and without a migration background in Germany.


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E-Mail: fdz@rwi-essen.de