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Deutsche Bundesbank Research Data and Service Centre (RDSC Bundesbank)

The Deutsche Bundesbank's Research Data and Service Centre (RDSC) maintains and links microdatasets and makes them available to researchers in strict compliance with the relevant data protection and confidentiality provisions. It grants internal and external researchers access to selected microdata. The Bundesbank provides these microdata under clear conditions and serves as an interface between data producers and data users.

  • Status: Accredited
  • Data Offer: Economy, Social
  • External Data Ingest: No

About the Data Centre

The RDSC provides anonymised datasets on banks, securities, investment funds, enterprises and households, all of which can be accessed via dedicated researcher workstations. Only specially prepared data, in the form of “scientific use files”, from the PHF study (Private Households and their Finances) and the study on financial education of adults may be used outside the Bundesbank premises (off-site).

Requests to use microdata are reviewed in accordance with legal requirements. In addition, the RDSC advises users on data selection, data contents and analytical options. Together with relevant experts, it ensures that the microdata provided are documented in detail and archived.

Further information on the anonymised datasets for external academic research and on special access paths required for data protection purposes can be found on the webpage of the Bundesbank’s Research Data and Service Centre.

Available data

  • Banking statistics: Monthly balance sheet statistics (BISTA – “Bilanzstatistik”), External position of banks (AUSTA – “Auslandsstatus”), Quarterly borrowers statistics (VJKRE – “Vierteljährliche Kreditnehmerstatistik”), MFI interest rate statistics
  • Corporate statistics: Microdatabase Direct investment (MiDi), Statistics on International Trade in Services (SITS), Corporate balance sheets (USTAN – “Unternehmensbilanzen”)
  • Securities statistics: Securities holdings statistics (WP-INVEST – “Statistik über Wertpapierinvestments”)
  • Household statistics: Panel on Household Finances (PHF), also accessible as a scientific use file, Survey on Financial Literacy of Adults in Germany.

We review and assess incoming requests for access to microdata in accordance with legal requirements. We ensure that only completely anonymised research results leave the Bundesbank.


Research Data and Service Centre
Phone: +49 69 9566 7595
E-Mail: fdsz@bundesbank.de

Postal adress
Deutsche Bundesbank Zentrale
Postfach 10 06 02
60006 Frankfurt am Main

Location TRIANON
Mainzer Landstraße 16
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Location Düsseldorf
Berliner Allee 14
40212 Düsseldorf

Location Munich
Ludwigstraße 13
80539 München.