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German Data Forum

... offers science and data production an exchange forum to improve access to high-quality, scientifically interesting data.

At a glance

Organisation: Advisory council to the federal government

Members: 10 elected representatives from the empirical social, behavioural and economic sciences and 10 representatives from data production

Term of office: 3 years

Founded: 2004

FDI Committee: Representatives of the 38 research data centres, accredited according to the German Data Forum’s guidelines

Funding: Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


  • Strategic development of the research data infrastructure
  • Representing the interests of data producers and data users
  • Advising legislators and science institutions
  • Accreditation and evaluation of research data centres
  • Connecting research data infrastructures on a European and international level
  • Organising communication events, academic symposiums and the triennial Conference for Social and Economic Data (KSWD)
Workflow German Data Forum
The German Data Forum´s Workflow