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Providers for archiving data


Emporion is a disciplinary open access repository for economic and social history research data and data papers.

As a disciplinary research data hub for social and economic history, Emporion enables the free standards-compliant publication of time series, historical statistical and panel data, text mining analyses, and data papers in open access – regardless of the institutional affiliation of the publishers. Emporion is also open to scholarly contributions from the fields of business, environmental, and technological history and is jointly supported by the DFG Priority Program 1859 Experience and Expectation. Historical Foundations of Economic Behavior, the Society for Social and Economic History, and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.


GESIS archives research data that are suitable for answering questions relevant to the social sciences. There is no thematic focus for inclusion in the collection. Data from student research projects are just as welcome as the results of large international comparative research projects.

Archiving BASIS offers preservation of your files for up to 25 years (bitstream preservation) with DOI, the incoming BASIS check, a form to describe your data with supplementary information (metadata) and publication of your data via the SowiDataNet/datorium repository.

MO|RE data

MO|RE data is a discipline-specific research data repository for the sport science community.

MO|RE data provides a reliable platform for publishing and archiving research data from sports science and related disciplines. Research data are prepared for citation and are thus scientifically reusable for interested researchers.


PsychArchives is a disciplinary repository for psychological science.

Accommodating 20 different digital research object (DRO) types, including articles, preprints, research data, code, supplements, preregistrations, tests and multimedia objects, PsychArchives provides a digital space that integrates all research-related content relevant to psychology. PsychArchives is committed to the FAIR principles, facilitating the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability of research and research data.