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Standardized Data Management Plan

The Standardized Data Management Plan for Educational Research (Stamp) provides concrete assistance for the practical implementation of research data management. The Stamp is based on requirements or standards that need to be fulfilled to generate FAIR data (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable).

Research data management for educational research includes seven different areas:

  1. Ethical requirements
  2. Data protection
  3. Copyright
  4. Data organization
  5. Traceability
  6. Data sharing
  7. Long-term preservation

The Stamp is divided into four elements:

  1. The Stamp guide leads you through data management and refers to relevant checklists for your research project.
  2. In Stamp during the project planning phase, you will find a step-by-step guide to project planning and proposals.
  3. The Stamp checklists provide practical support for efficiently fulfilling the requirements in the form of checklists, further discussion of legal requirements, recommendations and case studies.
  4. The Stamp data documentation allows for comprehensive documentation of the data inventory.

As a future perspective, there is discussion of providing an online version of the Stamp through RDMO.

Overall, the Stamp offers a practical solution for effective research data management and promotes adherence to the FAIR principles, as well as the quality, sharing, and reuse of research data. The German Network for Educational Research Data (VerbundFDB) operates and maintains the Stamp to ensure continuous development and broad availability.