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Future Data Access

RatSWD working group during the 3rd appointment period (2008–2011)

The German Data Forum (RatSWD) has decided to install a working group on Future Data Access („Zukunftsweisende Datenzugangsverfahren“). The aim of the working group is to evaluate new ways of access to micro data for Germany.

In recent years the informational infrastructure of Germany has been greatly improved by the release of Scientific Use files (SUF). However, some data sets are hard to convert into such a format, especially firm data. In a recent project data modification strategies were used for anonymisation. But these strategies were shown to be not neutral with respect to analysis results. Therefore remote access and on-site access receive increased attention. The working group will screen approaches on this topic in other countries like Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands or the LIS Project. Apart from technical details also approaches to find a new balance of duties between the data users and data providers shall be discussed in the framework of German privacy legislation.

The working group will start with a brainstorming combined with presentations on what has been reached so far outside from Germany. After having fixed the range of possible solutions the working group will organize an expertise on the side conditions given by the German privacy legislation.

The working group will then launch recommendations on future data access in Germany and will review an ongoing German project on remote data access.

Status: The WG has completed its work successfully. Its recommendations are part of the report „Fortentwicklung der amtlichen Statistik – Empfehlungen des Statistischen Beirats“ of the Statistical Advisory Committee adopted at its annual meeting in September 2012 as recommendations for amendments to the Federal Statistics Act (BStatG).


Members of the Working Group

  • Nikos Askitas, IZA
  • Stefan Bender, FDZ-IAB
  • Dr. Jan Göbel, DIW
  • Dr. Rainer Metschke († 2010), Datenschutz Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Susanne Rässler, University of Bamberg
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rendtel, FU Berlin, Chair
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Wagner, University of Lueneburg
  • Dr. Heike Wirth, Gesis

InfinitE-Project Staff:

  • Maurice Brandt, Destatis
  • Dr. Martin Rosemann, IAW
  • Dr. Markus Zwick, Destatis