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Measuring the 7Cs of Vaccination Readiness

Ulm University; University of Copenhagen; University of Erfurt

An ongoing study measuring the vaccination readiness with the newly introduced 7C scale.

  • Disziplin: Sozial
  • Forschungsmethode: Quantitativ
  • Forschungsdesign: Primärerhebung, Repräsentativ angelegte Befragung
  • Erhebungsstatus: Erhebung abgeschlossen, Ergebnisse veröffentlicht, Daten zugänglich

Ziele der Studie

Vaccines are a breakthrough in modern medicine and are the most effective intervention against infectious diseases, such as measles or COVID-19. To cross the critical threshold of herd immunity, the researchers want to find out exactly the vaccination readiness. Such surveys on willingness to vaccinate should, among other things, help to prepare information material in a way that is appropriate for the target group.


Participants were recruited through the Danish branch of the serial cross-sectional COvid-19 Snapshot Monitoring survey. The COSMO survey runs weekly to bi-weekly to assess citizens’ knowledge, perceptions, feelings, and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey is distributed to a random sub-sample from a larger sample that is representative of the Danish adult population concerning age and gender. Participants were invited via Danish citizens’ official digital mail. Data used in the current investigation were assessed in calendar week 4 in 2021 (25–31 January, 2021). Among other questionnaires not considered here, participants completed questions about political attitudes toward COVID-19 restrictions, the 5C scale, the 7C scale, questions about COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs, and the Brief HEXACO Inventory.


The data can be downloaded via the following link: https://osf.io/2tg8d/

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People who are interested in their own vaccination readiness can take the test using the following link: