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Freie Universität Berlin; European Research Academy Bolzano; Forum of Federations; Université de Fribourg; Universitetet i Bergen; Universiteit Leiden; Institute for Ethnic Studies; Universiteit Antwerpen; Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia; Sveučilište u Zagrebu Fakultet Političkih Znanosti; International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

Legitimate Crisis Governance in Multilevel Systems

  • Disziplin: Sozial, Wirtschaft, Gesundheit
  • Forschungsmethode: Mixed Methods
  • Forschungsdesign: Primärerhebung, Offene Befragung (selbstselektiert), Weitere Daten (z. B. Einzelinterview, Web Scraping, Laborwerte etc.)
  • Erhebungsstatus: Open-Access-Publikation, Laufende Erhebung, Daten zugänglich

Ziele der Studie

How did the interplay between different governments across multiple levels influence the legitimacy and effectiveness of political decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic? Were the measures to tackle the health, social, and economic impact of the pandemic coordinated effectively? Did federal and decentralized structures facilitate modern crisis management? These are some questions the projects aims at to answer. Generating scientific findings and developing recommendations to effectively and sustainably manage crises in the future are objectives as well.


The researchers will work together with politicians, government officials, experts, journalists and citizens of 31 european states. Furthermore, the study consists out of nine work packages, including a topic range from Rule of Law to Trust.


The data will be available and ready to download soon.

Datasets – Legitimult