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Common guidelines in research data centres

RatSWD working group during the 6th appointment period (2017–2020)

Long-term harmonisation and standardisation across research data centres (RDC) increases transparency for data users, facilitates working with research data, and strengthens exchange within the scientific community. The aim of the German Data Forum’s working group is to develop recommendations on how to improve standardisation and harmonisation among RDCs. Its work will focus on four main tasks:

  1. describe and establish the German Data Forum’s accreditation of RDCs as a brand,
  2. transparency of data quality through common procedures for documentation and provision of information on the quality of the research data,
  3. harmonisation of procedures,
  4. legal and ethical issues.
  • Format: Joint working group of German Data Forum and FDI Committee
  • Ziel: The goal is to assess the current state of task 2 and 3; recommendations on medium and long-term strategies for the implementation by the RDCs; development of best practice solutions to support future RDCs in establishing research data infrastructures
  • Output: Recommendations for RDCs
  • Zeitraum: Start: October 2017, completion of analysis: December 2018, publication of recommendations by summer 2019