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For politics

The German Data Forum offers scientific political advice in the fields of research and data politics. This includes position papers and statements as well as experts as interlocutors

To the Statements & Position Papers

As a body of experts, the RatSWD offers services in topics related to the research data infrastructure that are equally relevant to science and politics: research data management, access to research data, data protection, research ethics, research on societal crises and the planned Research Data Act.

You will find detailed information on these topics on our topics pages:

Research Data Act

A Research Data Act (“Forschungsdatengesetz”) for Germany

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Research data management

Securing and providing research data sustainably

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Access to research data

Improving access to high-quality data for science is an overarching goal of the RatSWD and the KonsortSWD

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Data protection

Establishing and consolidating data protection standards in the social, educational, behavioural, and economic sciences

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Research ethics

Recommendations on observing ethical principles in empirical research.

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Research on societal crises

Connecting empirical social science research and improving data infrastructures for social crises

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Which data are currently in focus?

Currently, the focus is on health data, education data and corporate data, as well as questions about big data and technical data access, especially remote access. The RatSWD is also concerned with migration data.


The members of the German Data Forum and the spokespersons of KonsortSWD are experts on various topics surrounding Research Data Mangement and Data Politics