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Do you have your own data that others should be able to find and use for their own research? These offers from our partners support you with archiving.


Research data center search for archiving

In our overview of research data centers (RDCs), use the filter option “external data ingest” to find RDCs that archive and publish data from researchers.

Archiving educational data

The German Network of Educational Research Data (VerbundFDB) is the central point of contact for educational research in order to secure data in the long term and make it available for subsequent use.

Archiving qualitative data

QualidataNet provides an overview of the infrastructure landscape, advises on sharing research data and helps with the selection of suitable archiving partners for qualitative research data.

Archiving data on racism and right-wing extremism

The data portal for racism and right-wing extremism research (DP-R|EX) allows you to archive your research data on the topics of racism and right-wing extremism for the long term and make it available for subsequent re-use.



Data submission at Emporion

Emporion is a disciplinary open access repository for economic and social history research data and data papers.

As a disciplinary research data hub for social and economic history, Emporion enables the free and standards-compliant publication of time series, historical statistical and panel data, vectorial geodata, text mining analyses and data papers. Emporion is also open to contributions from the fields of business, environmental and technological history.

GESIS Data Service Archiving

GESIS offers certified services (CoreTrustSeal) for the preservation and publication of social science research data according to FAIR criteria. There is no thematic focus for inclusion in the collection. Data from student research projects are just as welcome as the results of large, internationally comparative research projects.

Researchers can choose between the three service packages Archiving BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM. These include services ranging from simple “self-archiving” to quality-assuring preparation and documentation of research data.

Deposit Data at Harvard Dataverse

Harvard Dataverse is a multidisciplinary online data repository for sharing, preserving, citing, exploring and analyzing research data.

It is open to all researchers within and outside the Harvard community. Harvard Dataverse also publishes replication data for journal articles.

Data submission at MO|RE Data

MO|RE data is a discipline-specific repository for the sports science community.

MO|RE data provides a reliable platform for the publication and archiving of research data from sports science and related disciplines. Research data, in particular data from sports motor tests, are prepared in a citable form and can therefore be used scientifically by interested researchers.

Data submission at PsychArchives

PsychArchives is a discipline-specific repository for psychology and related disciplines.

With 20 different types of digital publication types (including articles, preprints, research data, code, supplements, preregistrations, tests and multimedia objects), PsychArchives provides a digital platform that integrates all research-related content relevant to psychology. PsychArchives is committed to the FAIR principles and thus facilitates the discoverability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability of research and research data.

Search for further repositories for archiving

The Registry of Research Data Repositories (re3data) provides an overview of existing repositories for research data. These can be searched by country, subject and keywords.



RDM project grants

FDM project funding supports researchers and RDCs in preparing and making available relevant new data corpora for secondary use.

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