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Data archiving

Do you have your own data that others should be able to find and use for their own research? These offers from our partners provide archiving support.

Archiving at RDCs

All data centres

Use the filter option “external data ingest” to find RDCs that archive and publish data from researchers.


Supporting research data management in qualitative social research

Tools, templates, and guidelines on key ethical, legal, and practical challenges to RDM of qualitative data.

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Providers for archiving data

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VerbundFDB (German Network of Educational Research Data)

In the VerbundFDB, research data centres (RDC) and institutions from the field of educational research work together to provide an attractive and high-quality range of research data for empirical educational research.

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QualidataNet – Sharing and re-using qualitative research data

Support of archiving and sharing of qualitative data in social research.

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RDM project grants

FDM project funding supports researchers and RDCs in preparing and making available relevant new data corpora for secondary use.

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