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Teaching and training

KonsortSWD helps you learn and teach about research data management and research ethics.

Research data management in teaching

Materials for research data management in teaching

Students and researchers at the beginning of their academic career are often faced with the question of how to handle their research data properly. This question includes knowledge of the basics of research data management (FDM), which can already be taught in teaching.

For this purpose, the RatSWD provides a teaching slide set with about 60 slides, which covers a teaching unit of 90 minutes. This can be downloaded as a PowerPoint document and adapted by teachers as desired. In terms of content, it serves as a generic introduction to the topic and is suitable for both Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses. It is based on the research data life cycle. The planning phase of research, the data generation phase, the processing and analysis phase, the publication and archiving phase and the subsequent use of research data are covered. In addition, links and tools as well as examples are integrated.

Download teaching slides
RatSWD [German Data Forum] (2023). Research data management for small projects in the social and economic sciences – RatSWD teaching slides for own use in research and teaching. https://doi.org/10.17620/02671.85


Reasearch ethics in university teaching

The following pages list teaching and training resources on research ethics and good scientific practice as well as case studies that can be used as examples in teaching.

Materials on research ethics, good scientific practice, and RDM in university teaching