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Committee for Data Access (FDI Committee)

The Committee for Data Access (FDI Committee) is a dynamic decentralized network of RatSWD accredited research data centres (RDCs).

The FDI Committee coordinates cooperation among research data centres with the long-term aim of safeguarding and continuously improving the availability of research data in the social, behavioural, educational and economic sciences. It enables important reconciliation among each other, promotes the exchange of experience and knowledge, and conducts strategy development.
The FDI Committee is part of KonsortSWD and supports the German Data Forum’s activities with its expertise on the implementation and provision of research data infrastructures. As the operative component to the German Data Forum’s strategic focus, it submits its decisions to the German Data Forum (RatSWD) in the form of recommendations.
In addition to the work in the FDI Committee, individual RDCs develop services for research data centres and researchers as part of KonsortSWD.

Members FDI Committee
FDI Committee
Diagram showing the cooperation between the FDI Committee and the RatSWD
Fig. The cooperation between the FDI Committee and the RatSWD

Permanent tasks of the FDI Committee

The committee’s main task is to safeguard and continuously improve the research data infrastructure, which includes increasing the quality and quantity of available data and facilitating data access for researchers.

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Members of the FDI Committee

The Committee for Data Access (FDI Committee) consists of representatives of the RatSWD-accredited RDCs and the two chairs of the German Data Forum (RatSWD).

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Development of the research data infrastructure

The Committee for Data Access (FDI Committee) was established in 2009 to promote a productive exchange between the RDCs.

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Working group effort and costs

The "effort and costs" working group deals with the effort and costs incurred in research data centers (RDCs) when curating research data for reuse.

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All data centres

The German Data Forum has created the research data centre as a model solution for flexible and comprehensive access to sensitive data for science and research.

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Activities Reports

The activities reports provide an overview of the work and structure of the research data centers (RDC) accredited by RatSWD.

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