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KonsortSWD Helpdesk

Establishment of a helpdesk to support researchers in research data management and data access in the social, behavioural, educational, and economic sciences

KonsortSWD Helpdesk

Since October 2023, KonsortSWD has been setting up a helpdesk. In the future, researchers and students from the various disciplines of social research, as well as other interested parties, will be able to contact this helpdesk with their questions about research data.

The helpdesk will draw on the knowledge of our broad network of experts. They will use their expertise to assist with questions relating to data management planning, archiving research data or using data from research data centres, for example. The helpdesk will quickly refer enquiries to the appropriate contact person or service depending on the issue.

The helpdesk will be the central point of access to the various services of the research data infrastructure in the social, behavioural, educational, and economic sciences. This will simplify and optimise access to the services and data in the KonsortSWD network. Networking with other RDM helpdesks is also planned, in particular those of other NFDI consortia, in order to be part of an integrated infrastructure. The launch of the KonsortSWD helpdesk is planned for spring 2024.