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Development of the research data infrastructure

The Committee for Research Data Infrastructure (FDI Committee) was established in 2009 to promote a productive exchange between the RDCs.

2023 - Accreditation of the following RDC

  • Research Data Centre for audio-visual data of qualitative social research (RDC-aviDa) –  Application for accreditation was withdrawn

2022 - Accreditation of the following RDC

2013 - Accreditation of the following RDCs

*The following research data centres (RDCs) were established before the RatSWD was founded and were integrated into its research data infrastructure after 2004: Federal Statistical Office, Statistical Offices of the Länder, GML, IZA, BA at IAB, and RV. The date given here is their founding date. All other RDCs were accredited by the RatSWD after 2004. The date here is the accreditation date.