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Conference for Social and Economic Data (KSWD)

The Conference on Social and Economic Data (KSWD) is the German forum for interdisciplinary exchange on the topic of research data and takes place every three years.

Societal and social developments can only be understood and explained with the help of good and up-to-date data. Therefore, the availability of data is a crucial prerequisite to be able to examine social and economic processes and to test the effectiveness of political measures. Only sufficient and reliable data allow for evidence-based policy decisions.

The conference is aimed at all those in science, politics and administration who are interested in research data: Data producers, research-promoting institutions and young scientists as well as representatives of research infrastructures and the institutions that network in the RatSWD. Important multipliers from the field of research data management are also specifically addressed. The dialogue with politics is prominently reflected in the programme, for example in a parliamentary evening. The aim of the KSWD is to initiate an open multidisciplinary exchange and to promote the establishment and further development of the research data infrastructure for the social, behavioural and economic sciences.

At the KSWD, the election results for the next appointment period of the German Data Forum are traditionally announced. In 2023, the 8th appointment period of the German Data Forum will begin. Thus, the conference is the starting point for the work of the forum in the coming years. In 2023, it is also the Mid-Term Conference of the Consortium for the Social, Behavioural, Educational and Economic Sciences (KonsortSWD).

All further information are to be found on the German site of the 9|KSWD.