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Studies on the societal impact of the Ukraine war

Collection of studies and projects that empirically record the effects of the war in Ukraine on German society.

The war in Ukraine has far-reaching consequences for Europe and the world, as well as for German society. Germany is repositioning itself in terms of foreign and security policy, the war brings with it enormous economic consequences such as inflation and the need for a more independent energy supply. Since the beginning of the Russian attack, hundreds of thousands of refugees have already arrived in Germany, who need to be cared for and integrated. Within the German population there is a strong emotional involvement, great solidarity, but also worries. This “new” crisis thus has an impact on society as a whole and enormous relevance for the empirical social sciences.  The RatSWD is compiling a first overview of current projects on the impact of the Ukraine war on (German) society and of migration and refugee studies in this context. The aim is to provide researchers with an overview of current initiatives and to promote mutual networking.

The collection of studies is the result of our own research. The researchers of the respective institutions are solely responsible for the content of the studies and projects.

Note: With the completion of the Best_FDM project in November 2023, this collection will no longer be continued and existing entries will no longer be updated.

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