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Research Data Centre of the Statistical Offices of the Länder (FDZ-Länder)

Statistische Ämter des Bundes und der Länder

The Research Data Centre of the Statistical Offices of the Federal States, together with the Research Data Centre of the Federal Statistical Office, provides access to microdata of official statistics. Together they act as the RDC of the Statistical Offices of the Federation and the Federal States. Geared to the needs of the users and taking into account the legal requirements, both RDC jointly offer a wide range of data products and ways of access.

  • Thematic Focus: Work, Occupation & Labor Market, Education, Family, Children & Youth, Health, Spatial Information, Economy & Finances, Other
  • Data type focus: Quantitative
  • Status: Accredited
  • External Data Ingest: Restricted
  • RDM Consultation: No

Data Offer

The coordinated range of data and services includes more than 90 statistics on economic, financial, environmental, social and other topics.

  • Social statistics: Population, education, health, households, child and youth welfare, other social statistics
  • Agricultural, energy and environmental statistics
  • Finance, legal and tax statistics
  • Economic statistics: Construction and housing, services, manufacturing, other economic statistics
  • Company data (AFiD)


In addition to German-language data documentation for the respective statistics, the RDC of the Statistical Offices of the Federation and the Federal States offer individual advisory services. An e-learning course gives interested scientists a deeper insight into the RDC and their data and service offerings as well as the associated terms of use. The website and a newsletter, which can be subscribed to via the website of the RDC of the Federation and the Federal States, provide information on newly added data, current events and other news.

Consultation for all interested parties and users is possible at all locations of the two RDC.

Data Access Mode

The use of our formally and factually anonymous microdata is subject to a fee and is only possible for institutions with the task of independent scientific research. Depending on their degree of anonymity, the microdata are accessible via download (Scientific Use Files – SUF), remote execution (KDFV) or at one of our safe centres (GWAP) available throughout Germany.

Absolutely anonymous microdata in the form of Public Use Files (PUF) and Campus Files (CF) can be downloaded free of charge from our website after registration.


House/Delivery Address
Information und Technik NRW (IT.NRW)
Postfach 101105
40002 Düsseldorf

E-Mail: forschungsdatenzentrum@it.nrw.de
Phone: +49 211 9449-2883
Fax: +49 211 9449-8087

Postal Address
Information und Technik Nordrhein-Westfalen
Postfach 10 11 05
40002 Düsseldorf