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Research Data Centre of the German Centre of Gerontology (FDZ-DZA)

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The Research Data Center at DZA (FDZ-DZA) provides data from the “German Aging Survey” (DEAS) and the “High Age in Germany” Study (D80+) to the scientific community for research purposes. The FDZ offers comprehensive documentation for the data and provides consultation and user support for anyone who wishes to analyze the DEAS or D80+.

  • Status: Accredited
  • External Data Ingest: No

Data Offer

  • SUFs for all nationally representative surveys of the German Aging Survey (DEAS); Cross-sectional and panel data since 1996; Target population: individuals who are 40 years old or older in private households in Germany.
  • SUF for the nationally representative study “High Age in Germany” (D80+), conducted in the years 2020 and 2021; Target population: individuals who are 80 years old or older in private households and in institutional living arrangements (e.g., nursing homes) in Germany.
  • SUF for the PREFER I Study; Additional survey of individuals aged 65 and older with multiple illnesses who participated in the DEAS survey in 2008; The survey was conducted at three different time points in the year 2009 in Germany.


In addition to the German and English data documentation, FDZ-DZA provides a continuously updated online literature database containing all publications that have been produced based on FDZ-DZA data. The personal user support service, available throughout all stages of data utilization, offers both administrative as well as content-related and methodological advice and support. Upon request, the use of small-scale regional data is possible for guest researchers at a specially secured workspace at the DZA in Berlin. We organize regular user meetings and offer an online discussion forum as a platform for exchange.

Data Access Mode

The anonymized and edited data of the German Ageing Survey (DEAS), the Study of Old Age in Germany (D80+), and the PREFER 2009 study are available for download free of charge as Scientific Use Files in SPSS and Stata format from the FDZ-DZA. The prerequisite is the conclusion of a data use contract. Applications are only permitted if the data are used for scientific research without commercial purpose. Scientists at universities and publicly funded research institutions as well as students (BA, MA, PhD) can apply.