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Data collection with new information technology

RatSWD working group during the 6th appointment period (2017–2020)

The use of new information technology (including mobile devices and virtual reality) opens up new methodological perspectives for researchers during the data collection process. Classic primary data can be complemented with data from sensors and mobile applications or by using paradata. The German Data Forum will set up a working group on these issues. Building on an assessment of recent opportunities of new information technology, the working group will develop recommendations to further advance the activities in this field. The recommendations will include aspects such as data quality, quality criteria as well as data protection and research ethics.

  • Format: Working group including external members
  • Goal: Development of recommendations
  • Output: Publication of a position paper as part of the RatSWD Output Series
  • Timeframe: Start: spring 2018, completion by autumn 2019, publication by early 2020