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Handling large amounts of data

RatSWD working group during the 6th appointment period (2017–2020)

Growing amounts of data from, for example, imaging and web scraping tools are a future challenge for research data centres (RDCs) with regard to the preservation, management, and provision of research data. These challenges are not merely technical, but also touch upon legal, personnel, and administrative aspects. A task force on handling large amounts of data, comprised of members of the FDI Committee, will analyse the status quo based on select RDCs, identify specific challenges, collect possible solutions, and develop recommendations in accordance with data protection regulation and other legal requirements.

  • Format: Working group of the FDI Committee
  • Goal: Development of possible solutions and recommendations for RDCs on handling large amounts of data in RDCs
  • Output: Recommendations for RDCs
  • Timeframe: April 2018, completion by autum 2020