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Policy data

RatSWD Working Group in the 8th appointment period (2023-2026)

The work of parliaments generates a wide range of data, for example on the voting behaviour of MPs and parliamentary groups, parliamentary speeches and questions, the financing of parties or contacts between interest groups and parliament. Combined with the desire to make this data and thus the political process more “transparent” (“German Lobbyregister”, “legislative footprint”), much of this data is accessible, but not always in a simple, systematic way. However, this data can make an important contribution to the understanding of political processes as well as political results – across disciplines. The aim of the working group is to analyse the scope and accessibility of this data. RatSWD and KonsortSWD can build on their previous work and expertise, but at the same time set new accents with a systematic focus on parliaments.

As a first step, the aim of the working group is to network with actors from the parliamentary sphere in order to determine the availability and current accessibility of data, but also to identify potential and challenges. A look will also be taken at parliamentary data abroad in order to familiarise ourselves with data access practices there. To this end, an event will be organised at which the stakeholders involved will jointly examine these perspectives.

Output: Event documentation and position paper on the potential of data from parliamentary space for the disciplines represented in the RatSWD