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Scientific use and linking of register data

RatSWD working group in the 7th appointment period (2020–2023)

With the help of register and administrative data, socially and economically relevant developments can be easily identified, policy makers can be advised on an evidence-based basis. At the same time, quality defects in the data can be identified. However, some areas of government action are insufficiently covered by relevant registers or there are no clearly regulated access points for researchers. The possibilities to link register data with other administrative data or external survey data are still very limited. The lack of data, or the provision of data in need of improvement, complicates data-based research and sampling in Germany, making the data from Germany often insufficient for international comparisons.

The aim of this working group is to bring the interests of research into the current debates on register modernisation. For this purpose, an overview of research-relevant registers and administrative data will be created, the legal framework for scientific access and links will be determined, and policy recommendations will be developed. Clear use cases shall illustrate the social relevance and the scientific potential of the register and administrative data.

  • Format: working group with German Data Forum (RatSWD) members of the 7th appointment period and external members
  • Objective: analyse inventory and legal classifications of existing scientific access to register data, collect use cases, and develop recommendations
  • Output: elaboration of statements on relevant legislative processes in cooperation with the legal task force and publication of recommendations of the German Data Forum (RatSWD) as part of their Output Series.
  • Time frame: start in winter 2020, workshop spring 2021, completion by summer 2022