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Research ethics in the social, behavioural, educational, and economic sciences

RatSWD working group in the 7th appointment period (2020–2023)

Research ethics formulate the basic principles of action that are appropriate within empirical research. This is about the relationships between researchers and the study participants, the transparency of the research, and the assessment of the potential consequences of research projects. The aim of research ethical norms and regulations is to guide actions that avoid harm to individuals, groups, organisations, or entire societies, while also protecting freedom of research. Due to new technological developments, requirements of research-promoting institutions and scientific journals for accessing research data have created new challenges for ethical research.

In the 7th appointment period, the German Data Forum (RatSWD) therefore establishes a working group on research ethics, which builds on the activities of the German Data Forum (RatSWD) regarding research ethics in the previous appointment periods. The objective is to develop specific recommendations and guidelines for the establishment and work of local ethics committees on the basis of systematic needs assessments. Additionally, the framework conditions for the long-term implementation of a dedicated exchange forum on research ethics should be addressed.

  • Format: Working Group with RatSWD members of the 7th appointment period (2020-2023) and external members
  • Objective: consult with stakeholders, develop recommendations and guidelines e.g. with sample FAQs or templates for standardised rules of procedure, and apply for the implementation of sustainable exchange structures
  • Output: publication of the recommendations of the German Data Forum (RatSWD) as part of the their Output Series
  • Time frame: start in fall 2020, finish in 2023


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