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Challenges in the scientific collection and use of unstructured data

RatSWD working group in the 7th appointment period (2020–2023)

Examples are the analysis of images, tweets, sensor data, but also data donations and citizen science projects or open online panels. What these data sources have in common is that for the available data the selection of the investigation units is often initially unknown. Often the uniformity of the measurements is also in question. Therefore, there are new challenges for the evaluation of the quality and informative value of the data collected. The aim of this working group is to highlight which questions are currently being scientifically addressed with data from unstructured data collection processes, which challenges arise from their scientific use, and what best practices are available to handle such data.

  • Format: Working group with members of the German Data Forum’s (RatSWD) 7th appointment period
  • Objective: develop recommendations
  • Output: development of guiding questions, organisation of a dedicated workshop, and the publication of recommendations by the German Data Forum (RatSWD) as part of their Output Series
  • Time frame: start in winter 2020, workshop 2021, completion by 2022, publication by spring 2023