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Documentation on KonsortSWD kick-off published

"Make data less lonely" - KonsortSWD

The launch event for KonsortSWD highlighted the next steps in the integration of the research data infrastructure of the social, educational, behavioural, and economic sciences. This also applies to the diversity of creativity that is at home in the consortium.

Kick-off Meeting KonsortSWD

The focus of the virtual meeting on 02.22.2021 was to bring the large number of KonsortSWD partners together, as all parties involved should have the opportunity to learn about the goals and plans of the consortium. Almost 90 people were present- members of the German Data Forum (RatSWD), employees of the research data centres (RDCs), as well as employees working on KonsortSWD projects. The event thus paved the way for further in-depth exchanges on individual concrete projects in the coming months and beyond.

Prof. Dr. Christof Wolf, the spokesperson for KonsortSWD, recalled the remarkable history of research data infrastructures, especially in the social science, as the first RDCs are celebrating their 20th birthday this year. He then emphasised that an important next step for KonsortSWD in the NFDI would be the systematic expansion and inclusion of new data and new services.

Prof. Dr. York Sure-Vetter, director of the NFDI, then explained the goals, opportunities, and challenges for the NFDI. He highlighted that essential questions still need to be answered when implementing FAIR criteria. He also encouraged everyone to join the NFDI with their institutions, and thus actively contribute to shaping the German research data infrastructure.

Prof. Dr. Monika Jungbauer-Gans, chairperson of the German Data Forum (RatSWD), explained the important role of the council in creating research-friendly legal regulations. She also showed that the council has, since 2004, been elected by ever increasing numbers of researchers. It is thus based on a strong engagement from the research communities.

Dr. Daniel Fuß, chairperson of the Data-Access Committee of RDCs impressively illustrated how the exchange between the slightly different research data centres is an essential moment in the further decentralisation of infrastructure.

Prof. Dr. Christian Aßmann, Prof. Dr. Stefan Liebig, and Prof. Dr. Kaus Tochtermann presented on the content-related focal points and services that are planned and developed in their responsible task areas.

After a virtual coffee break, which was used by some to get to know each other and exchange ideas, the participants came up with elevator pitches in small groups. Not only did this dialogue on how KonsortSWD could present its contributions allow participants to meet and converse, it also provided an understanding of the central services of the consortium. Several groups, brainstormed ideas on three topics: KonsortSWD in three sentences, the impact of KonsortSWD, and the added value for the uses. In fact, the title of this article came from one of the groups.

“Finally finding the data where you are looking for it” and “structural change in qualitative research, such as educational research” were some of the expectations regarding the impact, as was the title of this text. Additionally, a significant added value for the users was the possibility of a single contact person.

Overall, the kick-off was a good starting point for future cooperation in the consortium and beyond.

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