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Impact of the Ukraine war: RatSWD collection important contribution for appraisal

The office of the German Data Forum met with the Ukrainian journalist and researcher Olga Konsevych to discuss the collection of studies on the social impact of the war in Ukraine and its significance for Ukrainian academics and media representatives, among others. Olga Konsevych has been living in Germany since April and is currently a journalist in residence at the Berlin Social Sience Center (WZB).

“The image of Ukraine in the EU and in Germany, the adaptation of people who have been forced to leave their home country, migration and demographic challenges are all issues that need to be documented and investigated now, so that the big picture of what is happening can be compiled later,” emphasizes Olga Konsevych. Study collections like those of the German Data Forum are therefore important offerings.

In addition, she considers scientific knowledge and the expertise of the academic community to be one of the most important resources, the use of which also brings a political-ideal value: ” Perhaps this is another step towards European integration and the development of democracy – to be informed and communicate with experts without chasing fast news and superficial conclusions.”


More information

The German Data Forum’s project page “Research on Societal Crises“, which includes the collection of Ukraine studies, is now available in English translation.