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KonsortSWD and VerbundFDB announce close cooperation in the coming years

With the establishment of the NFDI and the continuation of essential activities of the VerbundFDB, both partners want to further intensify their cooperation.

In the future, VerbundFDB and KonsortSWD will work even more closely together and intensify the exchange of information. As announced on idw-online. The level of awareness about the data infrastructures and their services among scientists should continue to increase. The joint know-how should be used in the best possible way for the various target groups. Specifically, we will expand our cooperation in the following areas in the coming months:

Exchange with the professional societies. The exchange with the professional societies of educational sciences (DGfE, GEBF, GFD) will be coordinated in the future. Together we will develop a concept for the services and offers that VerbundFDB and KonsortSWD will provide to the professional societies (e.g. events, workshops, newsletters) and the information channels that will be established for regular exchange. We aim to present ourselves jointly to the professional societies in a timely manner. In doing so, we will involve the office of the RatSWD.

Data Management Plans and Data Domain Protocols. Compared to other disciplines in the KonsortSWD area, the VerbundFDB has particularly well-developed materials on research data management. We are agreeing on ways to distribute these documents and make them more widely known. We also intend to use this expertise to build up comparable support for research in other disciplines in the social sciences and economics (and possibly beyond). KonsortSWD will begin to support these efforts financially in 2022.

Data protection. We inform each other about developments in the Ethical and Legal Aspects section of the NFDI e.V. If an application for a Forum on Research (Data) Ethics (WZB application) is successful, it is expected that the domain-specific exchange will also benefit from this. Topics in the field of educational sciences will be particularly brought to the attention of the VerbundFDB and participation will be invited wherever possible.

Internationalisation. We will arrange a separate exchange on the possibilities of joint internationalisation activities.

Strengthening cooperation. Together we will explore projects with which the existing connections can be strengthened in the short and medium term through further resources.



  • KonsortSWD: Bernhard Miller, bernhard.miller@gesis.org
  • VerbundFDB: Alexia Meyermann, meyermann@dipf.de

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