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KonsortSWD Working Paper on Data Access

Introduction to the topic of access to data in the social, behavioural, educational, and economic sciences in research data centres.

A central task of research data centres (FDZ) is data access for researchers. The paper provides basic information on the various data provision channels, such as downloading, variants of remote access, and guest researcher workstations. In addition, it points out formal regulations that need to be observed (e.g., which group of people should be allowed to use the research data, for what purposes the data may be used, and how this can be checked). The concrete consideration of FAIR principles is also addressed, such as the possibilities for obtaining a persistent identifier (PID), the selection of suitable licenses, or the relevance of standardised metadata schemes.

Further Information

The working paper will be available in English soon.

All KonsortSWD publications are available via the Zenodo Community