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RatSWD and KonsortSWD at CoRDI 2023

KonsortSWD was also represented at the first Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI) in Karlsruhe from 12-14 September 2023! The conference was organised by the NFDI and offered all participants exciting insights into the work of other consortia and the opportunity to exchange ideas across disciplines.

KonsortSWD was represented with the following content:

  • When Data Crosses Borders – Join Forces! Multidisciplinary Use Cases Within NFDI,
    Barbara Ebert, Sami Domisch, Christin Henzen, Jimena Linares, Kati Mozygemba, Bernhard Miller, Bernhard Seeger, Jörg Seegert
  • Data Trustees – They Do Work! The Example of Research Data Centres,
    D. Fuß; M.-C. Laible
  • FAIR assessment practices: Experiences from KonsortSWD and BERD@NFDI,
    Janete Saldanha Bach, Fidan Limani, Atif Latif, Yudong Zhang, Brigitte Mathiak, Peter Mutschke
  • Search and Harvesting across NFDI consortia: Gaps and Challenges,
    Brigitte Mathiak, Heinrich Widmann, Gerhard Heyer, Christin Henzen, Andreas Czerniak
  • RDM Compas: Building Competencies for the Professional Curation of Research Data,
    K. Behrens; K. Blask
  • Because Data Shall Grow (and we with it),
    Julia Rakers, Daniel Nüst, Bernhard Miller, Julia Mohrbacher, Torsten Schrade, Jörg Seegert, Holger Simon, Christian Vater, Cord Wiljes
RatSWD and KonsortSWD at CoRDI 2023
German Data Forum and the Consortium for the Social, Behavioural, Educational and Economic Sciences in the consortia market at CoRDI 2023.

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