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Teaching Research Ethics Better! RatSWD Publishes Resource Collection

The German Data Forum (RatSWD) has published a collection of teaching materials on research ethics in the social and economic sciences with the aim of supporting teachers in higher education.
The package consists of presentation slides and a booklet with case studies for a variety of uses. It is openly available via the RatSWD website. With this publication, the RatSWD continues its commitment to raising awareness to research ethics and to embedding the issue more deeply into the scientific community.

Continuing its commitment to embedding issues of research ethics more deeply into academic teaching, the German Data Forum (RatSWD) has released a teaching resources package comprising presentation slides and a booklet with case studies. It provides teachers with a good starting point for lectures and can be modified and expanded according to their needs and target group. Moreover, the material is an ideal introduction to the subject for independent study: in addition to an introduction to the principles of research ethics and how to distinguish them from data protection and good scientific practice, the slides also cover review procedures.
As early as 2017, the RatSWD recommended to set up local and supra-regional ethics commissions, which are, among other tasks,  in charge of review procedures, and to embed them into a comprehensive concept aimed at fostering reflection  on research ethics. Such a concept requires pushing for deeper integration of research ethics into (academic) methods training, student advice, and research training. The resource collection aims at closing this gap and raising awareness for the necessity of reflecting on issues of research ethics.