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A Matched Employer-Employee Panel Data Set for Austria: 2002-2005

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Inga Freund, Bernhard Mahlberg und Alexia Prskawetz

Matched employer-employee (panel) data sets are gaining increasing importance in the analysis of labour markets. In collaboration with Statistics Austria we recently initiated the set up of a matched employer-employee panel data set for Austria, which covers the years 2002-2005. The aim of the paper is to introduce the data set to a broader audience. We first present the set up of the panel data, indicating in more detail the data sources and matching procedure underlying the matched employer-employee data set forAustria. In a second step we show descriptive statistics of the main variables included in our data set. These various statistics encompass three levels of analysis: the aggregate level (i.e. the entire sample), firm level and individual (employee) level.

Keywords: Workforce characteristics, Firm characteristics, Linking of data, Economic structure, Structural business statistics, Data of social security, Data of wage tax