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Data protection in the social sciences [German]

Notes on the practice of social science surveys and data processing in Germany

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Michael Häder

This paper provides an overview of data protection and research ethics issues for social scientists and researchers from other disciplines working in the social sciences. The paper can be used as a basis for teaching modules on data protection and research ethics. To this end, the first section outlines the legal foundations of data protection and the second section deals with practical problems that should be considered in the individual stages of the social science research process. Due to various special features, telephone surveys are associated with numerous facets relevant to data protection law. These are discussed in the third section. Finally (fourth section), disputes and discussions on data protection are taken up to show the reader that the topics dealt with above are very relevant and sensitive problems in terms of data protection.

Keywords: Datenschutz, Forschungsethik
JEL Klassifikation: C81, C83