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RatSWD Books (until 2014)

Archive Publications. The series was discontinued in 2014 and its content was continued in the RatSWD Output Series.

The Federal Ministry for Education and Research did not influence this publication. The German Data Forum is fully responsible for its content.

If you are interested in a printed copy, please send an email to office@ratswd.de

More books in german.

Building on Progress

Building on Progress

Expanding the Research Infrastructure for the Social, Economic and Behavioral Sciences
Vol. I and II, 1248 pages

Budrich UniPress, Opladen & Farmington Hills, MI, 2010

Towards a Better Informational Infrastructure

The expert study published by the Comission for the Improvement of the Informational Infrastructure between Research and Statistics (in German only)

Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden 2001

Download Kurzfassung DE

Long-term archiving of research data [German]

Standards and discipline-specific solutions

Scivero Verlag 2012