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Open APIs for standardised data access

A standard for Unified Information and Data Access
Reduction of hurdles in data use and data provision through uniform interfaces.

The goal of this measure is to address the current, heterogeneous data exchange practices in the RDCs within KonsortSWD. These range from physical copies up to Web APIs. As a result, a standard for uniform information and data access is defined. This enables the creation of tools and methods to acquire data independently of RDCs.

The proposed standard uses well-established methods to provide open, human-, and machine-readable definitions. FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs) are the building blocks of the specification, while a REST-API is chosen to simplify the onboarding process. Accepted use-cases have been identified and are constantly evaluated to verify its necessity within the community. The specification is accompanied by a demonstrator that shows IT-affine persons on how an implementation is possible. All results are scientifically evaluated and used for further updates.

The proposed standard enables services to process data independently from their storage location or RDC. While this supports creation of tools that consume research data, security as well as authorization of data access still remains in the realm of the responsible authority.

The working group is defined as an open community and interested persons are always welcome. The draft is publicly available at KonsortSWD API Specification and is being extended and updated in regular intervals.