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Secure data access point network – RDCnet

Networking of workstations for visiting scientists for easy yet secure access to non-anonymized microdata.

Simplified access to research data

The use of formally anonymized microdata often presents a significant challenge for researchers. Such sensitive data are usually only accessible at secured guest researcher workstations (GRWs) within the respective data providing institute on site, resulting in high travel and accommodation costs. For this reason, a network of secured data access points (RDCnet) is being established as part of KonsortSWD, allowing researchers more flexibility in choosing a GRWs location and enabling research data centers (RDCs) to distribute data more efficiently.

Flexibility for researchers

Rather than requiring researchers to travel to a specific RDC to analyze their data, the RDCnet allows them to choose the most appropriate location from a selection of participating institutes. As before, researchers must first sign a data use agreement with the respective data providing RDC but can then use the RDCnet booking platform to schedule an appointment for a GRW from a selection of different locations.

An opportunity for research data centers

By simplifying data access, the number of data users can be increased, while control over the final distribution of the datasets remains with the data providing RDCs at all times, so that individual standards of data security can also be guaranteed. The RDCnet is constructed as a decentralized system and by utilizing secure remote access, the research data never physically leave the servers of the data providing RDCs.

Contractual basis between cooperating RDC in the RDCnet:

Pilot Project Information:

Technical basics: