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New platforms for engagement: Private accommodation of forced migrants from Ukraine


The main results of the DeZIM-report included the recognition of private accommodation, while having the potential to establish itself as a new form of engagement for forced migrants, there are still outstanding support needs that need to be addressed.

  • Netzwerk: RatSWD
  • Disziplin: Psychologie, Sozial
  • Forschungsmethode: Mixed Methods
  • Forschungsdesign: Offene Befragung (selbstselektiert), Primärerhebung
  • Erhebungsstatus: Daten zugänglich, Ergebnisse veröffentlicht, Erhebung abgeschlossen, Open-Access-Publikation

Study objective

The report examined the growing role and efficacy of private accommodation in response to the escalation of the war in Ukraine. It aimed to inform policy makers and civil society actors about this practice by providing an initial snapshot of private accommodation practices, challenges, and support needs of both accommodators and accommodated persons.


Study design

The data presented is based on the results of a survey conducted jointly by the DeZIM Institute and the digital platform #UnterkunftUkraine. The survey was available for one month between June 2022 and July 2022. The report is based on
3251 responses from individuals who are registered with the platform, including hosts, former hosts, and individuals who have not hosted but are registered to host.

Data availability

The data is available and requestable under the following link: https://www.dezim-institut.de/forschungsdatenzentrum-dezimfdz/datenarchiv/