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Archiving and access to qualitative data

RatSWD working group during the 6th appointment period (2017–2020)

Recent years have seen the founding, expansion, and accreditation of a growing number of research data centres specialised on archiving and preparing quantitative data. However, opportunities for archiving qualitative material in a long-term and sustainable way after the completion of research projects are scarce. An interdisciplinary workshop will evaluate past experiences with archiving qualitative data, discuss fundamental problems of archiving and secondary analysis, and identify the requirements to an archiving infrastructure for qualitative research data.

  • Format: Workshop of the German Data Forum
  • Goal: Developing requirements for an improved archiving infrastructure for qualitative research data
  • Output: Publication of a workshop report by the German Data Forum
  • Timeframe: Start: September 2017, workshop: spring 2018, publication by autumn 2018