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Implementation of a guest researcher workstation in the RDCnet

KonsortSWD Working Paper: Technical guide to configuring a thin client

Cover Implementierung eines Gastwissenschaftsarbeitsplatz im RDCnetThe RDCnet provides researchers with a higher degree of flexibility to access sensitive or formally anonymized data from various Research Data Centres. Instead of being obligated to travel to the specific data-providing institute to work with the data at a Guest Researcher Workstations (GRWs), they have the option to choose a suitable location from a selection of participating institutes. However, to participate as a Research Data Centre in the RDCnet, it is necessary to set up and provide a GRW for researchers. To address this entry barrier, this working paper offers a specific description and practical guide on how to implement and configure such a GRW, ensuring compliance with the necessary security criteria and technical-organizational measures.

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