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Legal issues of providing sensitive data addressed

Model contact for data usage under preparation

On December 8, 2021 the KonsortSWD team at DZHW organised a workshop to answer the research data centers’ legal questions about data access. Here, legal questions with a focus on “data access”, which the data centers could submit in advance, were answered and discussed with legal expertise by Mr. Schallaböck from iRights.Law. These included special features of data provision for users in third countries, the connection between the degree of anonymization and technical organizational measures (TOM) or the handling of contractual penalties.

This was followed by a presentation of the current status of the model contract for data usage drawn up with Mr. Schallaböck from iRights.Law. The contract is based on 20 voluntarily submitted data usage agreements from RDC accredited by the RatSWD.

More information

All results will be published soon on the KonsortSWD website