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Research Data Management for Small Research Projects

Research Data Management in Small Projects

A handout for practical use

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RatSWD [German Data Forum] (2023). Research Data Management for Small Research Projects. A practical guide. (RatSWD Output Series, 7th Appointment period No. 3). Berlin. https://doi.org/10.17620/02671.84

The purpose of the handout is to make it easier for researchers in social, behavioural, and economic science projects to get started on research data management (RDM). The focus is on individual research projects or sets of smaller temporary projects that aim at building up a database and use and/or make it available in the long term without having to rely on institutional infrastructures. It provides an overview, is limited to data from the social, behavioural, and economic sciences, is user-oriented, and does not claim to be exhaustive.

RatSWD teaching slides

RatSWD teaching slides for your own use in research and teaching:
Research data management for small projects in the Social and Economic Sciences