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International Access to Administrative Data for Germany and Europe

This work was made possible by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (grant agreement No. 262608) funded project "Data without Boundaries" (DwB).

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Stefan Bender, Anja Burghardt, and David Schiller

In the last years access to research data has made a lot of progress in EU countries. Nevertheless transnational access to confidential microdata – although there are some
developments like “Data without Boundaries” – is still complicated and needs improvement.

The first part of the paper describes the (international) access to highly sensitive German
administrative labour market data and how this international access is expanded within the
research data centre in research data centre (RDC in RDC) approach.

In the second part a broader view of international access to official microdata in the EU will
be given. Starting with a brief overview of the EU-funded project “Data without Boundaries”
(DwB) a possible roadmap for international access in Europe and beyond is presented.