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RatSWD Research Notes (until 2010)

Archive Publications. The series was discontinued in 2010 and its content continued in the RatSWD Working Papers series.

The Federal Ministry for Education and Research did not influence this publication.
The German Data Forum is fully responsible for its content.

Surveying The Virtual World

A Large Scale Survey in Second Life Using the Virtual Data Collection Interface (VDCI)

Authors: Mark W. Bell, Edward Castronova, Gert G. Wagner

Number: 40/2009


Population Aging and Trends in the Provision of Continued Education

Authors: Regina T. Riphahn, Parvati Trübswetter

Number: 11/2007


Respondent Driven Sampling

Authors: Matthias Schonlau, Elisabeth Liebau

Number: 45/2010


Google Econometrics and Unemployment Forecasting

Authors: Nikos Askitas, Klaus F. Zimmermann

Number: 41/2009