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Data discoverability consulting

Best practices for research data visibility in metasearch engines like Google & Co.

Finding data is difficult. A lot can go wrong between formulating a research idea and identifying suitable research data. This makes it all the more important for the FDZ to present their data as well as possible on the Internet and to make sure that they are adequately represented in the most important metadata portals. In order to avoid the most common sources of error, we have compiled some information on the topic of data discoverability:

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In addition, we also offer personal interviews and visibility analysis with Sistrix and other tools for FDZ. In a conversation lasting about an hour, individual strengths and weaknesses are discussed, in each case tailored to the needs and interests of the conversation partners. The goal is to work out concrete tips and measures and to benefit from the experience of other FDZs that have already gone through this process.

Date of provision: 12/22, implementation of the visibility strategy in selected KonsortSWD repositories