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Training courses – RDM Compas

Development and exchange of professional expertise in research data management

The open science movement and the provision of reusable data require specific skills among both infrastructure employees and researchers. Teaching these skills should become an inherent part of training activities that enable infrastructure workers to adapt to the increasing technical and methodological demands of Research Data Management (RDM). Likewise, they should be implemented in the methods curricula of all disciplines represented in KonsortSWD and potential infrastructure employees should be specifically prepared for this job profile.

With RDM Compas, a central online platform was established in which teaching and information materials of the research data centers (RDCs) can be collected and made available. In a first version of RDM Compas, the information platform is implemented. The training platform will be available to all users with the upcoming release at the end of 2023. In addition to existing and future RDM training materials from the RDCs, a comprehensive training program for RDC staff will be developed together with the RDCs and made available via the training platform. The core of this program will be an annual workshop covering relevant aspects of RDM. Also a certification course will be developed to prepare future staff members for their work in the RDCs. Since the topics will be based on the RDC’s own expertise, the course will be a strong signal to potential employees and fill the current skills gap of job candidates. The next step will be to develop online tutorials and webinars for university students. These resources will be developed so that faculty can easily integrate them into their courses.

RDM Compas

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