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New Options for Access to Firm Data

Facilitating firm data access for impactful research

Data sets that companies generate in their business processes can provide an excellent basis for a wide range of methodological and substantive research questions in the social and economic sciences and form the basis for top research projects. Currently, data from corporate collaborations is primarily used outside of Germany and is generally based on project-specific collaborations. A further use in other projects or by other researchers is typically excluded. The challenges for individual researchers in Germany are comparatively high and existing knowledge on how to organize corporate collaborations is is not commonly available. Company collaborations are characterized by many uncertainties for researchers and companies regarding data protection issues, the protection of business secrets, the costs for companies, changing decision-makers and long decision-making processes. This project aims to gather and share cooperation experiences and to provide researchers with assistance for cooperation in Germany (and Europe). In addition, collaborations are to be established that enable FAIR reuse via the RDCs.