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9th Conference on Social and Economic Data

on the 27th and 28th of March 2023 at the dbb forum in Berlin


With the motto “Daten. Politik. Zukunft.” (Data. Politics. Future.) the 9| KSWD addresses the increasing importance of data for politics and thus for shaping a sustainable society.

Good data is the cornerstone of this. This requires a modern data policy – in Germany and in Europe. This can only emerge and function in close interaction between science – with its expertise in good-quality data – and politics, business and society. The National Research Data Infrastructure has been under development as of 2020. Especially in times of crisis, as we are currently experiencing, a consistent data infrastructure also serves as a social precaution. The experience of the pandemic has shown the great importance that scientific evidence can have for policy. The social, behavioural, educational, and economic sciences play a central role in our understanding of societal processes. Making the data generated here secure and available is an increasingly important task. At the conference, we will discuss how science can meet the dynamic requirements and what legal framework conditions need to be created for this on the part of policymakers. But we will also discuss how important it is to work in this field – linking data production and data users in a sustainable way gives rise to new professional fields. The interaction between science, politics, media and society is about nothing less than the creation of a new data culture in Germany.


All further information are to be found on the German site of the 9|KSWD.